Monday, 28 January 2013

Hello there...

So alongside my style blog Edaburgh, I have decided to create one of those increasingly popular fitness and health blogs.
This is mainly to inspire myself to be healthy on a budget (hence the blog title). I've become a bit of a lazy 'laptop chair' potato and need to get my ass back on track since 'you don't get the ass you want by sitting on it!' I am running the Edinburgh Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon this April for Beat (My JustGiving page!) and therefore I really need to get in shape to prepare for it.
I have improved my eating at meal times since the New Year but still snacking on crap and not doing enough exercise. So I will use this blog to monitor my eating, exercise and post all those pretty photos of food, inspirational quotes and all that Tumblr style jazz hahaha!

One of my favourite health and fitness bloggers Carly Rowena is the source of my new favourite fitspiration quote:

7am alarm set for tomorrow morning - here's hoping I wake up and get myself down to the gym before class!

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  1. i am back with a new blog: